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Right, stop and think about this.  You're not adding <a href="whatever"> before your <img> element because the <a> element will ENCLOSE <img> like so:

<a href="whatever"><img src="somethingelse"/></a>

See?  So <a> becomes the parent of <img> so you need to remove <img> from the list and replace it with <a> and add <img> as a child element of <a>.  Seriously, check out the documentation and read Java and XML by Brett McLaughlin and Jason Hunter -- it won't take long and it'll save you a shedload of time in the long run. ;-)

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  Sorry for my ignorance

  I finally do a function like this

  private static List getElementsByTagName(String name, Element elem) {
   Vector v = new Vector(elem.getChildren(name));
   for (Iterator it=elem.getChildren().iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
    v.addAll(getElementsByTagName(name, (Element)it.next()));
   return v;

  and in my code I do this call :
      Element root = doc.getRootElement();
      List myIMG = getElementsByTagName("IMG", root)

  Now I have another problem : how to insert an Element before another because I would like to insert a <a href> tag before each <img> tag (I found all the <img> tags with my method 'getElementsByTagName')


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