[jdom-interest] Root element with namespace prefix

Rohit Mital rmital at xaware.com
Thu Feb 28 14:32:30 PST 2002

I am using JDOM b7. When parsing an XML document, where the root element has a namespace prefix, any attribute in the root element with the same namespace prefix behaves as if the attribute does not have a namespace prefix.
 For example if I have the following XML in my test.xml
<xa:myroot xa:myattr1="attr" xa:myattr2="attr2" xmlns:xa="http://xaware.com/xas/ns1">
... Other child elements

Now if I do this

Namespace xaNamespace=Namespace.getNamespace("xa","http://xaware.com/xas/ns1") ;
Document bDoc = builder.build("test.xml");
Element root = bDoc.getRootElement();
Attribute attr = root.getAttribute("myattr1",xaNamespace); // This fails
Attribute attr2 =root.getAttribute("myattr1") ;  // Succeeds

Why is "myattr1" behaving as if it has no namespace associated with it?

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