[jdom-interest] streamdom -- middle ground between SAX and DO M

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Wed Jan 2 07:10:41 PST 2002

> Good point -- there are similarities.  Both ElementHandler and
> streamdom are attempts to add event handling to DOM processing
> but there are two problems with the ElementHandler api
> that streamdom resolves:
> (1) The ElementHandler API is a side-effect
> to the building of the DOM tree, so the entire document is
> still being built in memory.  With streamdom, you can
> ignore elements, so you can ask the parser not to build
> the root element.

dom4j just needs a way to bind a default ElementHandler, who's
purpose is simply to detach() the subtree.

> (2) The ElementHandler API is SAX-like -- you get
> onStart and onEnd notifications.  streamdom provides
> the **entire** element, with attributes and child nodes
> to the programmer, so the processing is DOM-like.

The onStart is nice for set-up stuff, since you have the element name
and attributes, an onEnd is effectively the same as streamdom's, since
you can get the entire sub-tree at that call, do XPaths, etc.


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