[jdom-interest] Help! SAXParserFactory causing Security exception in Microsoft Java VM

Søren Arleth Soeren.Arleth at oracle.com
Sat Jan 12 06:50:10 PST 2002

Hi Jake,
you should take a look at:
It gives a detailed description about your problem.
Bottom line is that you must sign your applet.


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Jake Latham wrote:

> Hiya all, I'm really hoping you can offer me a hand with this problem.
> I'm having a problem with SAXParserFactory causing a security exception in
> Microsoft Internet Explorer, using JDOM b7.
> here is the error string it spits out:
> String...com.ms.security.SecurityExceptionEx[javax/xml/parsers/SAXParserFact
> ory.newInstance]: Unable to access system property:
> javax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory
>  at com/ms/security/permissions/PropertyPermission.check
> (PropertyPermission.java)
>  at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.shallowCheck (PolicyEngine.java)
>  at com/ms/security/PolicyEngine.checkCallersPermission 
> (PolicyEngine.java)
>  at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.chk
> (StandardSecurityManager.java)
>  at com/ms/security/StandardSecurityManager.checkPropertyAccess
> (StandardSecurityManager.java)
>  at java/lang/System.getProperty (System.java)
>  at javax/xml/parsers/SAXParserFactory.newInstance
> (SAXParserFactory.java:139)
>  at java/lang/reflect/Method.invoke (Method.java)
>  at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.createParser (SAXBuilder.java)
>  at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.build (SAXBuilder.java)
>  at org/jdom/input/SAXBuilder.build (SAXBuilder.java)
>  at aim/AIMPanel.parseXML (AIMPanel.java:673)
>  at aim/AIMPanel.serverCall (AIMPanel.java:486)
>  at aim/LogicalAIM.<init> (LogicalAIM.java:62)
>  at aim/AIMPanel.customInitialize (AIMPanel.java:1595)
>  at shout3d/Shout3DPanel.n (Shout3DPanel.java)
>  at shout3d/Shout3DPanel.run (Shout3DPanel.java)
>  at java/lang/Thread.run (Thread.java)
> Using Microsoft's VM, this error results in a NullPointer
> Exception further down, causing the app to quit.
> in, it reports the error but continues to run.
> in, no errors are reported at all.
> Do you guys have any idea what's going on and why, and what I might be 
> able
> to do to correct this?
> Any help is greatly appreciated...
> -J

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