[jdom-interest] Beta 8

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Mon Jan 14 10:00:16 PST 2002

Actually jdom-wip is not used anymore. Jason merged in the changes (Text and
FilterList) into the main jdom tree a week or two ago. So you should be able
to use the new code just by getting the latest nightly source drop and
building it. (Hmmm... the nightly source drop doesn't seem to be there
anymore. Jools or Jason, any idea what happened to it?)

We do need a document explaining the changes that will affect existing code.
Primarily, this would be: the getContent() list will now contain Text
objects instead of Strings, and many of the methods that were deprecated in
Beta 7 have now been removed.


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> Dare I suggest either of the following:
> -> document access to jdom-wip and encourage folks discussing this
> -> make a release candidate (or beta-beta) so that everyone can enjoy
> this and precisely test...
> I'd be more than interested on testing such but never really
> dare keep
> working with jdom-wip...
> Paul

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