[jdom-interest] beta8-dev

PJ Fanning pj.fanning at XIAM.com
Tue Jan 15 08:50:38 PST 2002

I've had a few problems with beta8-dev, nothing major. I got the latest
nightly source drop. Firstly, Text.getValue() has been dropped which means
that code written for beta8 will not work with a beta7 version of jdom.jar.
Since beta7 is in wide usage, it might prove useful if this method was just
deprecated in beta8. Secondly, I built the JDK1.1 version (using JDK1.1.7b)
and tested it using JDK1.3 and got a java.lang.VerifyError:
java.lang.VerifyError: (class: org/jdom/FilterList$FilterListIterator,
method: remove signature: ()V) Illegal use of nonvirtual function call
Does this mean anything to anyone?
A third problem has to do with using Xalan 2.2D14 (with both beta7 and
beta8-dev). If I use a JDOMSource but a SAXResult, Xalan actually fires off
null URI values to the startElement(...) method in the ContentHandler. I've
never seen nulls passed to any of the main ContentHandler methods before
(always empty strings etc). Does the SAX specification allow nulls? I
suppose it's my own fault for not coding for the possibility of nulls.
Does anyone have any thoughts on these issues?


PJ Fanning
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