[jdom-interest] DOCTYPE still giving me the worst headache!

Bradley S. Huffman hip at a.cs.okstate.edu
Wed Jan 30 08:29:46 PST 2002

Yep, just ran the tests on my little XP box and it came out with what's
expected 2 "didn't catch null" in TestElement, 4 in TestDocument, and 1
"wrong element" in "TestFilterList".

The "wrong element" is because of the way adds are now handled. I thought
the following 2 sequences of code should produce the same output.

    List l1=e1.getContent();     List l2=e1.getChildren();
    int i1=l1.indexOf(e2);       int i2.indexOf(e2);
    l1.add(i1,e3);               l2.add(i2,e3);
    o.outputString(e1);          o.outputString(e1);
The previous version produced a different order in the backing list for each.
TestFilter just needs a small change in indexes on that test.


philip.nelson at omniresources.com writes:

> > Everything should be in sync and the only failures should be 
> > 4-5 bogus "didn't catch null" messages and one about "wrong 
> > element" which is in the test, not the current code.
> > 
> > I'll download clean copies from the cvs right now and see if 
> > I can duplicate.
> Hi Brad.  If I remember right, the whole contrib section of the test suite
> code should be deleted from CVS.  That's the part that was blowing up for
> Elliotte most likely.

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