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werken.xpath is an older version of jaxen.
I use the following method to count elements according to a certain
xpath expression:
  public static int getJDOMCount( Document doc, String xpath )
    int ret = -1;
      Number num = new XPath( xpath ).numberValueOf( doc );
      ret = num.intValue();
    catch ( SAXPathException spx )
      out(" getJDOMElement->ERROR ");
      logError( spx );
    return ret;
An example for an xpath expression:
Jaxen unfortunately does not contain good examples.
Some good links:
Elliotte Rusty Harold has an excellent introduction to xml and (amongst
other things) xpath:
The latest (cvs?) version of jdom has jaxen built in.

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Hi. Thanks for you mail.
Which XPath-thing do you use with JDOM for this 'count()' function ?
- werken.xpath
- jaxen-xpath
And in which Class is this count method ?

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you could use the count() function in xpath in order to program a
progress bar.

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Hi there!
I'm parsing a xml-file. The file has a specific amount
of elements. 
Is there a way to know, on which line of the file 
the parser in a particular moment is?
For example. After I read (parsed) several elements of
the xml file, I would like to know, on which line
of the file the "actual-file-pointer" is.
I don't want to know the line-number for every element.
Just sometimes I want to check, on which line the
parser is.
For what do I use this?
I want to use it for a progress bar. I want to show the
user how far the parsing process is. I know the total
amount of lines in the file. So with some checkpoints
(hey parser, on which line are you now?) I can  realise
a progress bar ....

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