RETRACTION - Re: [jdom-interest] JDOMSource and Xerces version

Mario Felarca gennadius at
Thu Jul 25 14:56:21 PDT 2002

At 03:15 PM 7/25/2002 -0500, Mario Felarca wrote:

Sorry...this is apparently being caused by something else other than 



>Is there a limitation on which version of Xerces is compatible with 
>The reason I ask is that I am using an XMLReader to parse a JDOM Document. 
>I am handing the Document to the reader in its parse() method by using the 
>getInputSource() method from JDOMSource.
>With Xerces 2.0.2 this code works fine. With Xerces 1.4.3 it throws a 
>I have tried this with both the Beta 8 milestone release, and on the 
>latest code from CVS.
>Any ideas would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
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