[jdom-interest] Help needed in Random access to records

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Tue Jul 30 01:03:36 PDT 2002

You should consider using XPath. JDOM now integrates (in CVS) an XPath 
implementation which is a wrapper around Jaxen XPath engine (www.jaxen.org). 
You can use either one.


Ash wrote:
> Hi everyone!!
>   I got a small doubt regarding JDOM which is being
> used by our project(in java obv.).We store our data in
> xml files and we need some sort of database
> functionality.Whenever a key(primary key for a
> record)is given,we need to navigate to that record?Is
> it possible to do that using JDOM?If not, are there
> any possible alternatives.
>   Please Help me.Thanking You,

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