[jdom-interest] question on namespaces

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Mon Jun 3 06:53:11 PDT 2002

You're trying to treat all the elements that aren't in the fpl namespace as
text? That's not legitimate XML - your <script> tag is an element, not text,
whether you're using JDOM or any other mechanism. To make it be text, you
need to wrap it in a CDATA section, or use &lt;script&gt;.

In general, DTDs and namespaces work very poorly together. It's possible to
modify a DTD to work with namespaces, but only if you require that the
particular prefix that you've used in your DTD is the one that's used in
each document. That works, but it pretty much goes against the intent and
the usefulness of namespaces. On the other hand schemas are namespace-aware,
though they're newer and more complicated.

These issues are particularly related to JDOM itself. You can probably find
info about all these types of things in articles on sites like xml.com.


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> I apologize if this is a FAQ, but I could not find it there 
> or in the archives.
> I have a need to process files much like XSLT files that look 
> like this:
> <fpl:frame xmlns:fpl="some uri">
> 	<fpl:break name="script">
> 		<script>
> 		</script>
> 	</fpl:break>
> 	<body>
> 		<fpl:break name="header">
> 		</fpl:break>
> 	</body>
> </fpl:frame>
> In other words, I need to process the elements in the namespace
> identified by the fpl: prefix but simply consider everything 
> else as content.
> Can anyone out there show me how to set up jdom to do this?
> Can validation be used in this scenario? I have a DTD for the 
> fpl tags but it
> does not use namespaces. Can it? What's a good place to find 
> info on this?
> I used the jdom node factory to instantiate my own Element 
> subclasses for the
> recognized fpl commands, but now I have a need to add 
> namespaces to it so it is
> easier to include xml/html like content without the need for CDATA.
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