[jdom-interest] Using JDOM with XML Schema How-To

Clint Frederickson clintf at neo.cs.montana.edu
Thu Jun 6 11:04:19 PDT 2002

I noticed that people (including myself about a few weeks ago)
consistently have difficulty learning how to use JDOM with XML Schema.
For this reason I have started a site where I plan to post examples and
explanations of using JDOM with XML schema. This site is still in it's
very early stages, but it will continue to develop over the next few
weeks. If anyone has any examples or knowledge they'd like to
contribute, or has another site about using JDOM that I could link to,
please Email me. Hopefully this will reduce the number of questions
about using JDOM with XML Schema on the list, and when one does appear
we can kindly refer them to this page. As always suggestions and
comments are welcome.

Using JDOM with XML Schema:


--Clint M. Frederickson

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