[jdom-interest] Single space in element content

Jan Moravec/SYD/CEtv JanMoravec at austar.com.au
Wed Jun 5 00:51:21 PDT 2002


I have been having problems with setting the content of an element to
contain a single or multiple spaces e.g <Artist> </Artist>. As long as the
element contains at least a single non whitespace char, everything is OK
and spaces are correctly inserted into the element content and preserved
when read back.

This is a real word example of the XML doc I generate:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xform xmlns:xf="http://www.austar.com.au/2001/XFormica" xmlns:xa
="http://www.austar.com.au/2001/XFormica-Adjunct" ref="XFormica">
  <submitInfo method="post" />
  <hidden ref="_xf_root" value="/root/ByDemand/RequestedList/Item[4]" />
  <hidden ref="_xf_previous_root" value="/root" />
  <hidden ref="_xf_action" value="" />
  <hidden ref="_xf_action_node" value="" />
  <hidden ref="_xf_request_id" value="4" />
  <input ref="/root/ByDemand/RequestedList/Item[4]/Artist" xf:required
="true" xf:minOccurs="1" xf:maxOccurs="1" xf:label="Artist" xf:type
    <value />
  <input ref="/root/ByDemand/RequestedList/Item[4]/Song" xf:required="true"
xf:minOccurs="1" xf:maxOccurs="1" xf:label="Song" xf:type="string">
    <value>MOST REQUESTED THIS WEEK:</value>
    <button actionID="submit">
    <button actionID="cancel">

Highlighted is the element that I am trying to put spaces into. <value />
should be <value> </value>

In DOM inserting spaces into an element content seems to work without

I am using JDOM-beta8.

I tried both
input.addContent( new Element("value").addContent(new Text(" ")) )


input.addContent( new Element("value").setText(" ") )

but with the same result.

Thanks for any hints.


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