[jdom-interest] CVS Access to the org.jdom.XPath stuff and another question...

Steven Shand steven at intrallect.com
Thu Jun 13 00:15:35 PDT 2002


I've just finished building from cvs, including the xpath stuff. I'll 
happily send the jar to you if you want to let me know an address to 
send it to. ( 120k )

On this topic, maybe somebody can shed some light on where the XPath 
integration is heading to. Specifically the jaxen stuff. Unless it I'm 
doing something way wrong, it appears that I still need the jaxen jars ( 
jaxen-core, jaxen-jdom ) at runtime to use the jdom XPath classes. 
Perhaps somebody can explain why this is better than just using the 
jaxen stuff. Are the jdom classes there purely as a wrapper to the jaxen 
XPath classes?


Steven Shand.

Brian S. Lloyd-Newberry wrote:

> Hello all,
>   I have been using JDOM for several months now, and want to thank you
>   all for the hard work. Before I stumbled across JDOM I had decided
>   that Java XML support sucked, and that it was a waste of my time to
>   try to do anything with XML (although I admit, I really had no
>   requirements to do anything in XML until recently). Anyway...
>   I have been trying to access the CVS repo to pull out and play with
>   the XPath functionality, but I can't seem to get to the cvs.jdom.org
>   site. Traceroutes die for me in sprintlink somewhere. Is the machine
>   still up?
>   Is there any other way to get a source snapshot (or even a binary
>   one) with the XPath stuff? My Googling didn't seem to help much.
> -Brian
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