[jdom-interest] CVS Access to the org.jdom.XPath stuff and another question...

Steven Shand steven at intrallect.com
Fri Jun 14 13:22:20 PDT 2002

Yeah, I once I started to use it, it all became slightly clearer. I 
think I was initially confused 'cause I think I (mis)read somewhere that 
JDom was basically swallowing up the jaxen stuff and integrating more 
tightly. That was before I realised that jaxen dealt with more than just 
jdom. All's fine now :-)



>> On this topic, maybe somebody can shed some light on where the XPath
>> integration is heading to. Specifically the jaxen stuff. Unless it I'm
>> doing something way wrong, it appears that I still need the jaxen 
>> jars (
>> jaxen-core, jaxen-jdom ) at runtime to use the jdom XPath classes.
>> Perhaps somebody can explain why this is better than just using the
>> jaxen stuff. Are the jdom classes there purely as a wrapper to the 
>> jaxen
>> XPath classes?
> To provide a standard interface to XPath functionality.  The
> implementation is abstracted away.  That way you can depend on XPath
> behavior without directly depending on Jaxen.
> -jh-
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