[jdom-interest] Name spaces and XSLT

Ian Lea ian at digimem.net
Tue Jun 18 00:59:55 PDT 2002

Try adding the additional namespaces to the XSL.

ian at digimem.net

> hanjen at xs4all.nl (Hans Verschoor) wrote 
> Hi, I just started using the JDOM and I must say, it's really very much
> easier and more versatile than the DOM.
> I am a relatively newbie in the XML area and I encountered the following
> problem of which I don't know if it may be some silly thing I did:
> I build a document from scratch and add two elements having their own
> namespace. When I pass this document to an XSLT transformer (Xalan in my
> case) I get an exception indicating that the namespace cannot be resolved.
> My questions are: Did I do something wrong in my coding (probably),  is
> something going wrong in the implicit conversion from JDOM to DOM or is
> there something wrong with the XSL source ?
> I added the source of my test program, although it's pretty long. I also
> added two scripts to test with. If you give "true" as the argument the test
> crashes, else the test runs without namespaces and should work fine.
> I test with JAVA SDK 1.4
> Thanx for any suggestions,
> Hans

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