SV: [jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

Christian Holmqvist, IT, Posten christian.holmqvist at
Tue Jun 18 07:45:21 PDT 2002


> > JDom is might be easy to learn and use for a novice, anyone 
> that want's to
> > use XML proffesional and have maybe a little bit more the 
> the most trivial
> > knowledge about how XML works won't agree with that JDOM is 
> "curved with
> > power tools". Or it might be that it is since all power 
> tool is made up
> with
> > small rather basic parts but a proffesional developer don't 
> want to put
> > these small features togheter every time just because there is a
> reluctance
> > to put them in the API.
> Just an observation. I've used JDOM *professionally* over the 
> last two years
> with great success. In fact, I even think the usage has saved 
> me some time beacuse 
>    a) it was easy to learn

And does this realy mather after two years of usage?

>    b) the small amount of code needed for 99% of all problems

As with all APIs is it always easy to solv 99% of all problems (otherwise it
is wisely to look for another API).

>    c) I've put together a collection of 'powerful' utilities for the 
>       cases not covered by the base API, and 

This is what I see as the main point, a API should already contain general
powerful utilities. The easily could can be adopted with domain specific
knowledge. JDOM don't provide these 'utilities' AND and don't provide
interfaces for easy adoption of default behaivor. So infact the 1% that is
not solved by the small amount of code takes 80% of the time to implement
because of the API.

>    d) I have, in fact, never been stuck with or hindered by a bug.

As I sad, otherwise it is time too look for another API

> So there ...

Hmm yeahh... 

Cheers Christian

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