[jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Wed Jun 19 06:08:33 PDT 2002

> I too have respects for all work and programmers on Java/XML but what 
> irks me alot (happens on other lists as well) is that you have all the 
> initial designers subscribed to *all* the lists and when someone asks a 
> completely legitimate question in terms of how to accomplish something 
> with Program A, the Program B author pops right on stating that "Well 
> you can do it with Program B so easy", so Id like to tend to think that 
> some people are only subscribed for these little marketing plugs rather 
> than trying to help the program @ hand.  


I feel I may be the guy you're targetting that comment to, as I tend
to toss in notes about dom4j here and there.  I'll admit, I pretty
much always use dom4j these days.  But, I stay subscribed to the JDOM
list since I have to straddle that fence with Jaxen.  While I may
not be using JDOM a lot, many of my (Jaxen's) users do.  If I see
a user trying to do something that'd be easier with another tool
(ie, parsing a 60meg XML doc, and applying XPaths), I feel I should
offer my advice of possibly trying a different tool.  Else, we're
not a whole lot better than Microsofties who've drunk the Kool-Aide.

Anyhow, I'll personally keep the dom4j comments out of jdom-interest
for now on.  I truly don't mean to start flame-wars.

James Strachan, the main designer (or forker, if you will) of dom4j
has been unsubscribed from jdom-interest for quite a while, I think.


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