[jdom-interest] Bug in JDOM when running many threads

Sren Dalby sda_jdom at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 19 06:22:34 PDT 2002

I am struggling with a problem when using JDOM in many (up to 20) threads.

Each thread both reads and writes to files and I am aware of the FAQ which 
mentions that these operations aren't threadsafe, but I read it as is it is 
not threadsave within the same file/document - and my simultanious jobs all 
process different files/documents.

Still in rare occations, JDOM returns strings that starts with 0x0A and then 
a series of 0x09. This looks like what JDOM would put in an outputfile.

Do you know what happens ??

PS. I use JDOM as readers and writers for Xalan

Thanks in advance
Soeren Dalby

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