[jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Thu Jun 20 14:38:25 PDT 2002

When I looked at this (the DOM interface to dom4j) a couple of months ago,
it wasn't clear to me how complete this was or how supported it was going to
be in the future. I.e. they knew is wasn't complete and were unsure of if it
would be worked on much more. It certainly would be a cool feature if it
worked well though.


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> dom4j does optionally implement the W3C DOM interface in addition to
> it's custom Java interface (so the same document
> representation can be
> accessed through both interfaces). In theory I suppose someone could
> write a JAXP interface for dom4j using that DOM interface, but AFAIK
> nobody has done so. I don't know of anything along those
> lines for JDOM,
> either, though I think there's been speculation that if JDOM
> becomes a
> Java standard it'll be given equal billing with DOM in JAXP.
>   - Dennis

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