[jdom-interest] long xml file

Paul Phillips paul at partitura.com
Sat Jun 22 14:27:24 PDT 2002

I am quite new to jdom and xml.  However, I have managed to get my classes 
to read and write xml files...

A question-

I would like to write a servlet based application that is an appointment 
scheduler.  It will have lots and lots of appointment objects containing 
java date objects and other relevant data about the appointment.

I could implement this using a database to hold the data, but I thought I 
might try storing it in an XML file.  Is there anything to prevent me from 
having an xml file with, say, thousands of elements in it?  Will it parse 
relatively quickly?  Should I break them up, say a month element holding 
all the appointments for that month, or just stream them all in together?

I would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone has to give...

Paul Phillips

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