[jdom-interest] XML variables

craig r jdom at frontloader.net
Mon Mar 4 10:43:59 PST 2002

Hi, I'm using JDOM to access an XML document I have created.  In 
this XML document I have would like to create a variable for a string 
I use throughout the document rather than type it each time.  The 
effect I would like to achieve is the same as that which is used 
in ANT build.xml files where the xml element "property" has a name 
and a value.  Thereafter the property is referred as "${name}".  
How is this acheived and can are there any "shortcuts" to doing so 
using JDOM?  XML does not provide for a way to create variables like 
this does it?  Or is it entirely up to the code that interprets the 
XML to flag such "property" elements and create the variables?

Thanks for any pointers,

Craig R.

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