[jdom-interest] get version info

Jason Hunter jhunter at apache.org
Thu Mar 7 15:03:25 PST 2002

In jdom-contrib there's an Ident program that prints the ID strings. 
They're meant for grepping with "strings", which does work for me and
others.  Java writes strings in the class files as UTF-8 which has ASCII
chars stay as ASCII and be nicely found.


Dieter Stueken wrote:
> my little test sample works under Linux but does not work
> under Sun Solaris, until I found I'm using different jdom.jar
> files. Is there any trick to find out the difference or what
> version they are? Looking into the source I find some
> "private static final String CVS_ID", but as it is private (why?),
> I can't look into. I usually use "strings" to grep such
> information from binaries, but Java Strings are 16 bit coded :-(
> May be the jar file was compiled by a different SDK version...
> any idea
> Dieter.
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