[jdom-interest] beta8 and JDK1.1

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Thu Mar 14 09:53:24 PST 2002

All those changes seem fine to me. Are private statics allowed in inner
classes in 1.1? If so that might be an even better solution. Brad, any
reason that all the member variables in FilterListIterator are package
visibility, instead of private?

PJ, if you sent in a patch, that might help convince the powers that be that
continuing 1.1 support would be easy :)


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> Subject: [jdom-interest] beta8 and JDK1.1
> I've tried building a JDK1.1 version of JDOM beta8 RC1. There
> are problems
> with 3 classes. Could someone have a think about the best solution?
> (1) SAXHandler uses the method StringBuffer.substring(int) in
> flushCharacters()
> This method was only introduced in JDK1.2.
> Could we replace
>         String data = textBuffer.substring(0);
> with:
>         String data = textBuffer.toString();
> (2) ContentList has a child class FilterListIterator and this
> has static
> members
> This is not allowed in JDK1.1.
> I have temporarily moved this members to the parent class. A
> tidier solution
> might be to make FilterListIterator a public class.
> (3) XMLOutputter has a child class Filter and this has static members
> Similar problem and similar solution to (2) above.
> Thanks,
> PJ
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