[jdom-interest] exception all over the place !!

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Sun Mar 17 17:15:30 PST 2002

> C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\jdomTest>javac -deprecation JDOMTest.java
> JDOMTest.java:24: cannot resolve symbol
> symbol  : method addProcessingInstruction
> (java.lang.String,java.lang.String)
> location: class org.jdom.Document
>                 Document doc = new Document (new Element("config", ns))
>                                ^

That method doesn't exist anymore.  It was deprecated in b7, gone in b8.

> JDOMTest.java:41: setContent(java.util.List) in org.jdom.Element cannot be
> applied to (java.lang.String)
>                                         .addChild(new Element("name")
>                                                   ^

That method hasn't been around since maybe b5.

> JDOMTest.java:38: cannot resolve symbol
> symbol  : method addChild  (org.jdom.Comment)
> location: class org.jdom.Element
>                         .addChild(new Element("sound")
>                                   ^

Also a very old method.

Without going point-by-point, I see nearly all these methods existed
once upon a time, but even in b7 some of them didn't exist or were at
least deprecated.  Looks like you're trying to use b5 code against b8. 
You're going to need to redo some code.


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