[jdom-interest] JDOM Beta 8 -- works well

John L. Webber - Jentro AG John.Webber at jentro.com
Wed Mar 20 03:41:14 PST 2002

Finally got around to testing the Beta 8 RC - I only had one slight
problem with a ConcurrentModificationException which was easily fixed;
otherwise it seems to work fine. We're using it to generate and parse
configuration files as well as for message parsing. The config files are
typically around 20k or so, occasionally larger. The messages are highly
variable in length, with an upper limit of around the size of the config

Haven't had any time to do any serious performance checking, but at the
moment it's not a serious issue for us.

OT - is the search function in the archives fully implemented? I tried
searching for ConcurrentModificationException both in body and subject,
but didn't register any hits. I ended up finding it by hand, since I
knew it came up sometime in March.


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