[jdom-interest] CDATA data (followup with more info)

Malachi de AElfweald malachi at tremerechantry.com
Wed Nov 6 22:56:07 PST 2002

Why doesn't JDOM use the <?xml encoding="blah"?> preprocessor instruction to determine
what to output as?  Isn't that tag required anyways?


11/6/2002 5:04:22 AM, Laurent Bihanic <laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com> wrote:

>I think your problem comes from the use of Java I/O Readers and Writers 
>instead of InputStreams and OutputStreams as recommended when dealing with XML 
>Typically, in your save() method, you do not set the XML encoding to be used 
>by XMLOutputter. Thus this latter assumes UTF-8 is being used while your 
>FileWriter actually outputs in ISO-8859-1.
>You should try adding a call to XMLOutputter.setEncoding() in save() before 
>calling output():
>             output.setEncoding(f.getEncoding())
>	    output.output(indexer, f);
>This would guarantee that the XML encoding in the XML header is consistent 
>with the file actual encoding.
>As a more global recommendation, you should always use InputStreams and 
>OutputStreams when reading/outputting XML.
>Duane Morin wrote:
>> I've also included my save() and load() routines.  I've done nothing to
>> muck with the encoding, and calls to getEncoding() during both load and
>> save tell me ISO8859_1.
>> The scope for this personal project is NOT to write something that is
>> internationalized (just doing a part time thing for fun on the train, and
>> no it's not homework :)).  I just want to identify the fact that I'm
>> creating an illegal Element, and bail out.  The line in question is
>> actually the only one in a 1000 line test file that fails in this way, so
>> I can't see going out of my way to test every line if I can help it.
>> Any help greatly appreciated!
>> Duane
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