[jdom-interest] how to find a node with maxest attribute in x ml file use xpath?

Godbey, David david.j.godbey at saic.com
Thu Nov 14 05:53:58 PST 2002

XPath will certainly help. Check out jaxen.org.

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This is really a Java problem, not a JDOM problem. There are a number of
approaches that could work. You basically need to go through all the AAA
elements and parse the values of the id attributes. org.jdom.Attribute
has a utility method, getIntValue() that might help.


glliu wrote:
> Hi,
>       I use jdom to reading and writing to XML files.and I need help on 
> the following problem.  Any suggestions?
>   Thanks in Advance.
>   glliu
> xml files:
>     <A>
>       <AAA id="001">
>       <AAA id="004">
>       <AAA id="023">
>       <AAA id="098">
>       <AAA id="002">
>     <A>
> how can I find the node with maxest id attribute?here is <AAA id="098">.

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