[jdom-interest] JDOM XML Outputter vs. JDOM serialization

Martin Schulz schulz at videotron.ca
Thu Nov 14 18:14:51 PST 2002

My apologies for the bogus timings I pulled out of my memory, here are
numbers from a rerun:

Size: 49267
Compressed Size: 3081
Elapsed Time for Event [Clone] = 240ms / 100
Elapsed Time for Event [Clone+serialize] = 972ms / 100
Elapsed Time for Event [compress] = 340ms / 100
Elapsed Time for Event [uncompress] = 90ms / 100
Elapsed Time for Event [build document] = 11387ms / 100

(That's with a modified version of JDOM)

The obvious conclusion is to worry about Document building first, XML
outputting second and
Compression / cloning not at all.


-----Original Message-----
Subsequently, I collected some timing information and it appears that on
a 1.6G Athlon:
- producing the XML is cheap ( 2ms per document of 49k in a loop)
- producing the gzip compressed XML is cheaper ( 0.8 ms )
- gunzip cheap, similar to gzip
- parsing and creating the JDOM Document: expensive (120ms)


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