[jdom-interest] JDOM included in Out-of-the-Box Open Source d istribution

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Bob is exactly right in saying that Out-of-the-Box is similar to Red Hat
Linux; it's a collection of Open Source software that gives you
automatic installation and configuration of all the included packages.
It's the convenience and support that make it interesting.  And of
course, for some people with slow Internet connections, ten bucks is not
a huge price to pay for 600+ MB of software and step-by-step
installation/configuration instructions.

As a side note, we are very explicit in giving the proper credit,
license terms, and copyright to every single package as shown here:


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I haven't seen a dime.  But, that's not the point, really.

I pay for RedHat on a regular basis, and that's a lot of free software.

You're buying convenience, and possibly support.  My licenses say they
can do this if they like, as long as my license and copyright is

Is their package worth whatever they're charging?  That's up to you to
decide.  If not, don't buy it.

	(not affiliated, 'cept some of my software is included)

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002, Lopez, William wrote:

> Why pay for open source projects? Are the contributing OS entities
> paid any monies?
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> I thought you would like to know that JDOM is being 
> distributed as part of Out-of-the-Box, a collection of 
> over 50 Open Source projects targeted at Java developers.  
> You can find a single table that shows almost all of the
> projects we've integrated and a short description of
> each here:  http://www.ejbsolutions.com/what-we-give-you.html
> <http://www.ejbsolutions.com/what-we-give-you.html>  
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