[jdom-interest] How to travers deeply?

Roman Rytov rrytov at entopia.com
Fri Oct 4 14:19:27 PDT 2002

In the following example how should I find a street of a client whose ID is 2? 

	<client id="1">
			<street> Burgen </street>
	<client id="2">
			<street> Durgen </street>

	<other tags>...


The straightforward way came to me is:
1. Find root
2. Get a list of all children
3. Filter it by client's ID (I found the proposed way to do it is to use FilterIterator from jakarta/common?)
4. Find all address
5. Find all street

It seems to me too complicated and a lot of manual work. Did I miss somethig? Now way to find all/one element(s) satisfying a XPath criteria?

Roman Rytov

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