[jdom-interest] Memory problem

Marcus Andersson marcus.andersson at active-tv.com
Thu Oct 17 09:34:35 PDT 2002

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding memory when using JDOM. Before I say anything
else I just want to say I have seen that there are some issues in the
archive regarding my problem.

Anyway, the problem is that a 1Mb big XML file becomes about 140Mb in memory
when I have used SAXBuilder to build the JDOM document. I have seen in
previous mails that there may be a factor 10 when building to a JDOM
document. Now it is a factor 140. That cannot be correct. I must have done
something wrong. It did cause me OutOfMemoryError in the beginning but I
found -Xmx128m flag in some previous mail on this topic.

By the way, the document didn't become that big in jdk1.4.0_01, this have
happened since I moved to 1.4.1.

Thanks in advance,

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