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Mon Oct 21 04:50:36 PDT 2002

No. I'm using the XML documents as a simple database. The RMI object only
act as a remote facade to access the XML. The data that is sent through RMI
is "normal" data objects instantiated from XML data instead of a jdbc result
set (I like Xpath better then SQL).

The memory problem I had is solved since I checked out the latest code from
CVS (think it was something with StringBuffers according to a mail by


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At 8:53 PM +0200 10/17/02, Marcus Andersson wrote:
I have perhaps not used the most scientific way. I comment out the 
code that builds the document and checks how big the program becomes. 
Then I uncomment the lines that builds the document and then checks 
the size again. I then take the second value and subtract with the 
first value. Very simple. The "program" is a RMI object and the only 
thing that happens before the document parsing is that I bind the RMI 
object to the registry. The program takes about 40Mb without the 
document and about 150Mb with the document (which tells me that I 
have to revise what I said earlier, the document is "only" about 
110Mb big in memory).

You say you're using RMI. Are you actually serializing the Document 
using object serialization?

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