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Vijay Mummaneni mvbabu at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 24 10:34:08 PDT 2002


I have an xml file that has 100 "Employee" elements. The elements are 
related (they are from the RDBMS table). Each element is related to another 
elemnt by employee-manager relationship. Currently it is flat xml file. What 
I meant is, it looks like (I used JDOM to grab the data from the database) :

  <employee id="1" name="emp1" managerId="2" />
  <employee id="2" name="emp2" managerId="5" />
  <employee id="3" name="emp3" managerId="5" />
  <employee id="4" name="emp4" managerId="2" />
  <employee id="5" name="emp5" managerId="null" />

Here is how I want to transform it :

          <employee  id="5" name="emp5" >
                         <employee  id="2" name="emp2">
                                 <employee  id="4" name="emp4" />
                                 <employee  id="1" name="emp1" />
                        <employee  id="3" name="emp3" />

Can you pl suggest me a solution, for this transformation.  Is JDOM helpful 
for the transormation ?


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