[jdom-interest] Turning of entity expansion

ion vnhu38f93 at subdimension.com
Tue Sep 3 07:05:17 PDT 2002

I am parsing a XHTML file and there is a line like this:

<p><i>&#169; 2002Blah blah blah</i></p>

When I have done a couple of mods to the file I output
it to another file.

When I look at the output my Unicode reference has been
changed into the actual character, which I do not want, I want
this line to be output verbatim.

I have tried creating a text object and using that, that does not work.
I have tried replacing the amphersand with &amp;, but this remains
intact, so why is JDom inconsistent here, sometimes expanding entities
and sometimes not.
I tried setting the SAXBuilder option setExpandEntities(false) but this
had no effect.

I cannot see what to do here, can anyone help?

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