[jdom-interest] disable-output-escaping and javascript

Emmett McLean emmettwa at onebox.com
Wed Sep 11 16:04:54 PDT 2002

Since JDOM does not support disable-output-escaping
is there a way for a JDOM created HTML file to include
javascript? That is, short of writing the javascript
separately to the output stream?

Also, I tried
<script src="/somepathontheserver/common.js" language="javascript"/>

 <xsl:attribute name="language">javascript</xsl:attribute>
 <xsl:attribute name="src">/jdomex/js/Validate.js</xsl:attribute>

but that just results in my not being able to see the letters
and the javascript doesn't get included anyway.


Your suggestion will make the difference on whether JDOM and
XSL get used on a very big project.

Emmett McLean
emmettwa at onebox.com - email
(866) 841-9139 x1160 - voicemail/fax


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