[jdom-interest] jdom.Document in XSLT's document() function?

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Tue Sep 17 04:28:26 PDT 2002

Sonja Löhr wrote:
> Is there any possibility to use a jdom.Document object inside the
> document() function of XSLT - instead of outputting the document and then
> using the filename in the document() function? I know that this XSLT-
> function can take some object as parameter, but I didn't see anything else
> than filenames in people's code up to now.

The JAXP TrAX API defines an interface (javax.xml.transform.URIResolver) that 
just does that! (see Transformer.setURIResolver()).
You could implement this interface to return a JDOMSource object wrapping your 
JDOM Documents.

Hope this helps,


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