[jdom-interest] Occurrence constraints and fixed values

Andrea Bigger ANBI at ch.ibm.com
Wed Dec 17 06:36:22 PST 2003


In the W3C Recommendation I found following statement:

<< [...]. The fixed attribute is used in both attribute and element
declarations to ensure that the attributes and elements are set to
particular values. For example, po.xsd contains a declaration for the
country attribute, which is declared with a fixed value US. This
declaration means that the appearance of a country attribute in an instance
document is optional [...], although if the attribute does appear, its
value must be US, and if the attribute does not appear, the schema
processor will provide a country attribute with the value US. [...] >>
(see W3C Recommendation, 2 May 2001, XML Schema Part0: Primer, §2.1.1
Occurrence Constraints)

I'm currently using JDOM v1.0b8 and IBM XML Parser for Java v3.2.1 (based
on Apache Xerces-J v.1.4.x), and every time I try to get a value of an
unset atribute/value which should have a fixed value, I get a null
JDOM uses a org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser, validation is enabled and
feature http://apache.org.xml.features/validation/schema is true.
What am I doing wrong? I am missing something?

Thanks for help/hints.
Andrea Bigger

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