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phil at triloggroup.com phil at triloggroup.com
Mon Jun 2 13:44:41 PDT 2003

>>>You can't say you didn't know what you were getting into<<<
I did'nt say that but I bet on the API 2 years ago. At this time, it was'nt supposed to take more than 3 years for
having something usable and stable.

>>>You can always look at the public TODO to see what's pending<<<
I do.
But, for example, within the TODO coming with Beta 9, there isn't any reference to the new interfaces as well as the
method renaming. Is it related to "Look at Brad's experimental tree for good ideas to integrate"?

Another example is about making flushCharacters(String) private, while it was specifically designed to be overloaded.
Hopefully, Laurent detected that :-)

>>>I know we need to break some things for 1.0<<<
What is the objective? Having a new product with 1.0, used for new applications or capitalize on the current users base,
with existing applications?
The risk is that people who invested in the product will provide their own build. And all these builds will be
Another risk is about the code you do not master, like third party libraries or code build by partners. How can you
synchronize with them?

BTW, about >>>IOException are being to be thrown since Beta 9 instead of only JDOM exception.
Yep, another place where we broke things but it was the right thing.<<<
I disagree with that and prefer the notion of exception wrapper, where a JDOM Exception owns the IOException (which may
also own another exception...). For my opinion, a library should only throw exceptions whose inherit from a unique base,
and do not throw exception that rely on the implementation. Else, it breaks the library isolation.
IOException is a good example for that: maybe that your stream is going through the network, but you did'nt have a
direct access to any network exception. Using the parent exception paradigm, you can get it.
But that discussion is now closed...

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