AW: [jdom-interest] problem with a slash in xpath dir

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Thu Nov 13 05:40:50 PST 2003

I\'m also using JDOM b-9.

The Xpath path work under a tool called \"xmlspy\". But it don\'t work with JDOMs Xpath. I\'m using Sun Java 1.3.

The jaxen version is 1.10.

The source:

xpathString = \"/AAB/germany[node()=\\\'munich/berlin\\\']\";
/*copy the element from new doc to result doc.*/

	Element copy = (Element)XPath.selectSingleNode(newDocument,xpathString);
	Element target = (Element)XPath.selectSingleNode(resultDocument, xpathTargetString);
	copy = (Element)copy.clone();
catch (JDOMException e)
	System.out.println(\"error: XPath failed to select Node. Node: \" + xpathString);

The XML file looks like:


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this works for me using JDOM b-9 and the supporting
jaxen-* libraries. Can you provide more details?


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> Ämne: [jdom-interest] problem with a slash in xpath dir
> Hello,
> I have a problem with xpath path.
> I can’t get a node with xpath from a jdom document, when 
> there is a slash in the node text. For example:
> error: XPath failed to select Node. Node: 
> /AAB/germany[node()=\\\'munich/berlin\\\']
> The problem is the slash between \\\"munich/berlin\\\".
> Does someone have a idea, how i can fix this problem?
> Thanks a lot.
> Philipp
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