SV: [jdom-interest] encoding problem linux vs windows

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Tue Oct 28 16:13:44 PST 2003

Ok, this sounds like  a linux jvm problem. Which character encoding are you
Which XMLOutputter method are you using?
As for the é stuff, JDOM doesn't do entity "roundtripping". The
eacute entity
is defined in the XHTML dtd but is converted by the SAX parser before it
reaches the
SAXBuilder/SAXHandler. If the encoding in effect does not "support" a
directly, it is written as a character reference, &#xNNNN;. The only
entities generated
by JDOM is <, > and &, which are predefined in the XML

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I am running my program on Linux and Windows and then bringing over the
result to my winodws folder where I open it with Notepad.
The output from the Windows is ok while the output from Linux has the ? in
place of é
Obviously , this has nothing to do with JDOM per se but more to do with
differences in character encoding schemes etc.  between Linux and Windows.
Can someone please  point me to a knowledge resource that can help me figure
it out ?
ps: on another note , JDOM  Ouputter converts "é"  in my xhtml to
"é"   . I havent tested it with other HTML entirties but Is this a known bug

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My guess is that the problem is not with JDOM or Java or the platform,
but with the editor/viewer/console (whatever), i.e. the application  that
you use
to look at the result. How do you determine the problem? If you transfer the
result to windows, is the problem still there?

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Ämne: [jdom-interest] encoding problem linux vs windows

I am using JDOM to process an XHTML page. The problem is with html entities
such as &nbsp;  and &eacute;
On Windows , it handles  them without problem. On Linux RH AS 2 , it turns
them into  '?' .  I am using sun jdk 1.4.2 on both.
Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem ?  Why is it behaving
differently on Linux ?

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