[jdom-interest] Passing JDOM to JAXP using SAX

Robert Koberg rob at koberg.com
Fri Apr 30 07:49:02 PDT 2004

Per Norrman wrote:

> Robert Koberg wrote:
>> A Templates object can be cached while a Transformer should not be 
>> cached. So off in the cache you can do:
> What's preventing me from caching a Transformer instance? From the spec
> I can see a concurrency restriction, but not caching per se.

Quoting Michael Kay from a couple of days ago on the XSL list:

"The Templates object holds the compiled stylesheet, which is reusable 
and thread-safe. The Transformer holds transient information used in the 
course of a transformation, such as the stack and the dynamic context: 
it is not thread-safe and there is usually no point in reusing it."


> /pmn

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