AW: [jdom-interest] XPath.selectNodes(doc) via Jaxen: nodes not indocument-order

Kai Wörner kai.woerner at
Mon Aug 16 05:36:26 PDT 2004


It looks like it is indeed an error in Jaxen:

Since it doesen't seem to get fixed (this error report is over 7 months old)
- does anybody know of some elegant workaround that doesn't include writing
my own xpath-parser?



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Using Saxon 7.9.1, this XQuery

xquery version "1.0";


produces this outout:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <w no="1">word1</w>
    <w no="2">word2</w>
    <w no="3">word3</w>
    <w no="4">word4</w>

To nail this down, ask in
what the correct result should be, then go beat on jaxen (perhaps).


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