[jdom-interest] XSL transformations and missing doctypes

Per Norrman per.norrman at austers.se
Wed Aug 25 02:18:46 PDT 2004

Hi again,

I was unclear! As you say, "Once the result tree has been generated by the xslt 
processor, xsl:output controls the serialisation of this to an output document".
But only if it is the XSLT processor that is doing the serialization itself.

JDOMResult extends SAXResult, in which case no doctype stuff is generated.

However, you can use the getOuputProperties() method of the Templates class
and automate the generation of a doctype--dependant on the xsl:output element
settings: somethinh like this:

     private static void generateDocType(Templates templates, Document doc) {
         Properties prop = templates.getOutputProperties();
         String systemId = prop.getProperty(OutputKeys.DOCTYPE_SYSTEM);
         String publicId = prop.getProperty(OutputKeys.DOCTYPE_PUBLIC);

         String name = doc.getRootElement().getName();
         DocType dt = null;
         if (systemId != null) {
             if (publicId != null) {
                 dt = new DocType(name, publicId, systemId);
             } else {
                 dt = new DocType(name, systemId);
         if (dt != null) {

and then

         JDOMResult result = new JDOMResult();
         templates.newTransformer().transform(xml, result);
         Document doc = result.getDocument();
         generateDocType(templates, doc);


Lee Turner wrote:

> Hi
> Yes I am specifying the doctype in the xsl:output, but I didn't think that
> xsl:output was only applicable when the output document was to be xml.  Once
> the result tree has been generated by the xslt processor, xsl:output
> controls the serialisation of this to an output document.  If what you say
> is true then I can never generate a valid html 4.01 output document
> specifying the relevant doctypes without some processing after the transform
> has been done.  Is this correct ?  I have read out rules applicable for both
> xml and html output controlled by the xsl:output element.
> Either way, I am still outputting xml as the output format as I want well
> formed xml (xhtml) so I should still be able to see the doctype information
> in the output.  Like I said in my first email, this does work when I remove
> JDOM from the equation which is why I sent a mail to this list (I hope
> people didn't think that it was way off topic) instead of an xsl list.  If
> there is nothing I can do about it then I guess I will have to do what you
> say and implement some processing after the transformation to insert the
> correct doctypes but this seems like a hack when afaik I should be able to
> do it using pure xsl.
> I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my email.
> Many thanks
> Lee
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>>Are you specifying the doctype using the xsl:ouput element? In that
>>case, note that the xsl:output element is only applicable when
>>the XSLT processor is generating XML from the result tree.
>>Since you are transforming into xhtml, you can easily set
>>the doctype after the transformation is completed.
>>Lee Turner wrote:
>>>I am using JDOM b10 in my system where I am using xsl to transform my
>>>documents into xhtml to be displayed on the front end.  My problem is
> that
>>>when the transformation has been done I am missing the doctype that I
> set in
>>>the xsl.  The code I am using is as follows :
>>>        //snip
>>>        Transformer transformer = template.newTransformer();
>>>        JDOMSource source = new JDOMSource(incomingDocument);
>>>        JDOMResult result = new JDOMResult();
>>>        transformer.transform(source, result);
>>>        return result.getDocument();
>>>I have taken my xsl and tried that outside of JDOM, using static xml
> instead
>>>and the doctype is there in the output and I have even just used the
>>>javax.xml classes to do the transform DOMSource and StreamResult etc
>>>and the doctype is in the output here as well.
>>>I have looked on the web and news groups and there seem to be a few
>>>references to missing doctypes, but I couldn't find anything to say
> whether
>>>it has been fixed in the latest CVS of JDOM.  I downloaded the daily
>>>snapshot from the JDOM web site and still saw the same behaviour.
>>>Has anyone else seen this when performing transformations using JDOM  ?
>>>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>>Kind regards
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