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Thanks for your reply, Jason.  

Since we don't "really" need XML 1.1 (it was a "typo" by one of our
developers), I have put in a workaround that allows us to process the XML
1.1 files that are now being generated by our other product.  Files that
contain the offending XML 1.1 tag are now read into memory, then the XML 1.1
tag is removed and replaced with XML 1.0.  Yes, it's a cheat, but it works
for our specific situation.


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My plan for XML 1.1 has been that the first person who has a real need for
XML 1.1 (congrats you may be the winner!) specs out the code changes needed
and we'll commit them, assuming of course they faithfully preserve backward
compatibility with XML 1.0.

There's not a whole lot of XML changes, so it's not a major undertaking. 
  The biggest job is investigating the little details and figuring out how
to handle them, testing with different parsers, etc.

More info: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2002/10/23/deviant.html

Rusty (who you already heard from saying XML 1.1 is generally not
useful) may be willing to give advice.


kjohnson at spicer.com wrote:

> What are the plans for jdom to support XML 1.1? 
> I just found out that one of our recently released products was 
> "updated" to XML 1.1.  No, there was not a customer need for it, the 
> developer was just trying to stay up to date.  But now we have 
> customers generating documents with <?xml version="1.1" 
> standalone="no"?>.  My product will now have to be updated to handle those
> Any suggestions on how I can handle these files? (while waiting, with 
> bated breath, for jdom to support 1.1 ;)
> Thanks,
> Karen
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