[jdom-interest] JDOM and Apche SOAP

Eric VERGNAUD eric.vergnaud at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 16 07:09:44 PST 2004


Is it possible to use JDOM with Apache SOAP ?

More specifically, in SOAP service method such as:

 public void TestMSG(Envelope inEnv,SOAPContext inRequest,SOAPContext

Is it legal to write:

        Vector entries = inEnv.getBody().getBodyEntries();
        org.jdom.Element elem = (org.jdom.Element)entries.iterator().next();

If not, is there a way to either:
 - get Apache SOAP to create JDOM objects rather than org.w3C.DOM ones
 - convert DOM object to JDOM ones

The purpose would be to insert SOAP messages inside a JDOM document.


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