[jdom-interest] Schema include and import

Frank Cohen fcohen at pushtotest.com
Sun Dec 26 09:43:53 PST 2004

I manage an open source utility and framework for testing Web Services 
for scalability and performance. (Details on TestMaker are at 
http://www.pushtotest.com) I'm working on a more advanced Wizard to 
create test agent scripts for SOAP-based Web Services. The new Wizard 
will write a Jython script that makes a doc-lit/complex-type call to a 

One of the things I've noticed about WSDL from a .NET Web Service is 
the use of schema include statements. In a <types><schemas> element 
I'll find something like this:


Does JDOM support import and include tags? I'm pretty sure Castor does 
but I'd like to use JDOM APIs.


Frank Cohen, PushToTest, http://www.PushToTest.com, phone: 408 374 7426
Author of "Java Testing and Design: From Unit Tests to Automated Web 
from Prentice Hall, details at http://thebook.pushtotest.com

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