[jdom-interest] How to specify a basedir from the Transformer

patrick at openbase.com patrick at openbase.com
Wed Dec 29 09:55:07 PST 2004


I am using JDOM to perform an XSL transformation. The problem I have is 
that my XSL Document refers to an external file using the document(URL) 
method. I don't want to use an absolute URL. What I would like to do is 
tell JDOM  (the Transformer) what the basedir is (/Users/aUser) so that 
in my XSL file I could use:

<xsl:variable name="lookupParam" select="document('aFile.xml')"/>

and aFile.xml would abvioulsy be in /Users/aUser

Here is the code I am using

Document p_sourceDocument = ....
Document p_xslDocument = ....

// Create a JDOMSource from the source JDOM Document
         JDOMSource source = new JDOMSource(p_sourceDocument);

         // Create a JDOMSource from the source XSL Document
         JDOMSource xslSource = new JDOMSource(p_xslDocument);

         // Get a XSLT Transformer
         Transformer transformer = 

         // Create a JDOMResult
         JDOMResult result = new JDOMResult();

         // Populate the Result
         transformer.transform(source, result);

I guess there must be some way to tell the underlying Transformer what 
the basedir is?



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