[jdom-interest] Anyone using what's in CVS?

Robin Rosenberg robin.rosenberg.lists at dewire.com
Wed Feb 4 12:53:36 PST 2004

onsdag 04 februari 2004 21:30 skrev Jason Hunter:
> I'm curious if anyone's experimented with the post-b9 code that's in 
> CVS?  It has a few interesting changes, like new Parent/Child 
> interfaces, and I haven't heard much feedback on them.  Has anyone used 
> that code or is everyone still using b9?

"May you live in interesting times"...

Actually I've been using b8 until very recently.

The CVS version breaks a lot of my existing code, especially the part where I subclass JDOMFactory
and Element, but also completely normal code like this

  public Element createXml() {
    return createXmlBase().addContent(_ruleName.toString());

I've not studied the code to find out why the "interesting" changes are there and exactly what they are. 

My interest is in the XSLT part.

-- robin


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