[jdom-interest] Anyone using what's in CVS?

Bradley S. Huffman hip at cs.okstate.edu
Wed Feb 4 17:50:44 PST 2004

Robin Rosenberg writes:

> For the moment being I patched JDOM so the addContent methods returns Elememt
> . The patch is small,
> however it does break some of the orthogonality I presume the Child/Parent in
> terfaces are there to introduce; 
> mostly it's about move the addContext methods from Parent to Element and chan
> gig the return type. There were 
> only a few ripples. The effect is  that client code is hardly affected, with 
> the exception of the subclassning I'm doing.

In you original problem couldn't you have just done

    public Element createXml() {
     return (Element) createXmlBase().addContent(_ruleName.toString());


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